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REObroker.com is a nationally recognized network of experienced default brokers.  Our goal is to provided our asset managers with the best agents available, assisting them in the management and disposition of their assets, from cradle to grave. Each day we are on our exclusive chat line sharing best industry practices and offering suggestions and solutions to challenges we face.  Many of our members are experts in their fields and they offer webinars and training to their fellow brokers.

All applicants are carefully screened. To be considered for REOBroker.com membership, brokers are required to have experience in listing and selling REO and short sale​ Properties. They must submit verifiable references​ from Asset Managers. Each broker's background is checked thoroughly, as our standards only allow respected and ethical brokers to participate.

Brokers in our network are accustomed to working with banks and investors​on a daily basis, and therefore carry themselves in a professional manner, ensuring timely sales of their listings and lighter workloads ​for asset managers, with minimal liability. In our world​, it is important that brokers thoroughly understand the local real estate law, such as 18-day notices for personal property and the delicateness of ​handling cash for keys. They must be familiar with the need for accurate BPOs,​the protocol for submitting bids, offers, changes to contracts and invoicing and all other facets of REO.​

Generally only one broker is allowed​ per marketing area in order to maintain our high association standards and confidentiality.

Our web site is designed to help you locate a professional REO broker anywhere within the United States. If you don't find what you're looking for, email us. We'll find one for you within 24 hours.

Thank you for considering REObroker.com.