" is an excellent source when looking for an experienced REO Broker. They screen their members and try to find the best REO representative in each area. In addition, we have been very pleased with the performance of their Realtors across the nation." Julie Randall, Vice President at Union Bank of California


"Great news,. Your REO conference helped me out. . . . Chase did a background and they have assured us all the Michigan work through LPS for our areas will be our listings. . and just being in the list with the group you put together moved me up on Google once again, more good info. The entire group moves up when any of us are looked up (keep that in mind, power in numbers). I should also mention that landed my wife the Fannie account, and when a VP of Fannie called her and said he found her on REOBROKER on  one of your many beautiful maps. . . .  . . . . . .  it is doing what you wanted it to do." Rick Conflitti

"Thanks for the lead Tom,  I continue to believe, my investment in REOBROKER has been the best investment I have made in terms of lead generation." Larry Bensel

I honestly don’t know where the new listings came from but they said the contacted me directly from” ~Scott Germino

"Just a quick note to all.... I called a small REO outsource company yesterday to ask about an upcoming REO in my area. As I introduced myself to her I could hear she was typing information into her computer. To my surprise she indicated I was an approved broker because I was listed in the REOBROKER.COM roster.... Thank you Tom and REOBROKER.COM" ~Pete Nyiri, member since 1994

"I just got a new assginment in NoVa and they found me on!" Jennifer Young, VA

"REO Asset Management hired me through as well - they do Merryl Lynch I believe" Charles Mattouk, FL

"Tom, I just wanted to say are, and always will be, one of the class acts in our industry". Steve, Realty Executives Triad


What a great party. I did not make the seminar, but son came away raving about it, telling me we needed to set up his sister in Northern California. Thanks to Tom, Naomi and Alyssa for a great party on Saturday…Great job, Tom. I hope all of the people who are involved in REOBroker know how lucky they are. The information that flows from this group is priceless.” ~Rob Buchan

The conference was great. What a group – We are blessed!” ~Terry in Reno

So good to meet all of you. Thanks to Tom and Naomi and Alyssa and Angelika and everyone else. Great meeting” ~Mike and Lynn Olsen

“I really enjoyed the seminar and want to thank Tom and Naomi (and Alyssa) for taking the time in this crazy busy market to put it on. I have many great suggestions to implement into my business. It was great meeting you all” ~Carolyn McNamara

I will look up those contacts on Reobroker. What a great network we have. Other brokers have no idea what they are missing!” ~Daniel Keltner

"The seminar was the highlight of my experience in Florida. You all are great you put together some awesome information and templates to work with. I already signed up with REO Office Manager and have 13 clients now I just need to give great service sell the homes within 70 days or less and I could be in the hundreds. But I am not trying to reinvent the wheel and by following what you all have laid out and adapting it in our own ways we will function very efficiently and I can focus on growing while the system runs itself. Please forward my thanks to Holly, Jessica and G." -Ed Kowalski

"You and your staff always do such a great job with your business seminars.  The guest speakers:  Ivan Choi, James Paine, and Mike Samborn provided - inside information, tips and tricks to the REO Business and solutions.  Ivan Choi's, helpfulness, Jame's tip using Buyer's Agents to help in the field, and Mike's idea about one-stop service for investor groups was well worth the time and money.  By the way,  I want to personally thank you for helping me secure:  Fannie Mae,  Kondaur Capital Corporation, Guaranty Bank, Assetlink and Accredited contracts.  Your organization always amazes me! " - Terry Rasner, Northern Nevada

"Just wanted to say THANKS for all the planning that went on behind the scenes to make yesterday's seminar in Huntington Beach a great success.  Even though I attended the last seminar in Florida last October, there was enough new information to make it worth the trip.  The two hours with Ivan Choi from Countrywide was AWESOME!!!" - Bob Zachmeier, Tucson, Az

Thank you for a well planned event. The information that was shared and presented will help make all of those in attendance more productive, efficient and more money!  It was well worth the trip across the country. See you at the next conference." - Janet Kuehn, North Charleston, South Carolina


Tom has been very careful about who we allowed into We want solid trustworthy people who we can network with and recommend. One bad apple can spoil the whole bunch. If someone does not want to be part of our group, then quit. We will find another person to replace. If you do not know how good this forum and network is, go try another one. WE HAVE TO BE ABLE TO TRUST EACH OTHER OR THE WHOLE THING BREAKS DOWN.” ~Rob Buchan

I depend on REOBroker to give me good accurate advice so I can make good decisions in my business.” ~Willie Stewart

I have taken my association with REOBroker very seriously because my business depends on it and it shows and stands for "Top REO brokers". I think being in this group is a privilege and I appreciate all and any business that comes from it, I don't take my membership for granted. I have learned and alot from this group and its great to share information with such bright professional people that brings.” ~Francine Willingham

This forum has been one of the most productive and time saving organizations (plus interesting and fun) I have ever been involved with and I consider it a privilege to be part of it. I consider it to be so private that I don't even let it go to my office computer--strictly at home. Whoever abuses the membership does not know what integrity or earning trust means.” ~Nancy Abney

#1 I LOVE the email discussions! These discussions are worth the entire REO Broker membership fee!” ~Roz Allemond, Alexandria, LA